Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Péople News !!

Kate and wiliam Are back :
After ten days in the Seychelles paradise, the couple is back in Britain. The hard partbegins ...

They spent an idyllic holiday on North Island, away from curious and photographers, in the famous Bungalow No. 11, a small wooden palace at 3340 euros per person pernight. Staff discreet but always available, swimming pool and private beach, spa, bathroom outdoor panoramic terrace opening onto the sea ... returned to Britainyesterday, William and Kate will now return to their cottage in the Isle of Anglesey ,Wales, and prepare for their new duties to the Crown as Duke and Duchess ofCambridge. For them, the real fun begins ...

It is unclear if the couple will participate in ceremonies marking the state visit by Barackand Michelle Obama in London this week. The appearance of Princess Catherinealongside the U.S. president and his wife would obviously be the number one event the next day - the world's press, in fact, eagerly waiting to know what style, what brilliance,the stepdaughter of Prince Charles will now give its official appearance with the othermembers of the ruling family.
Kate et William: ça y est, ils sont rentrés!

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