Friday, June 24, 2011

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Justin Bieber attacked by a fan, perfume riot!

Justin Bieber attaqué par un fan, parfum d'émeute !

Justin Bieber was attacked by a man at the launch of her perfume in New York.

Justin Bieber had fear of his life Thursday, June 23, at the launch of her perfume, the highly anticipated Someday.

Faced with stagnating cheering crowd before the Macy's of New York's darling SelenaGomez was brutally attacked by a deranged who managed to elude the vigilance of the security team of the star.

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Justin Bieber was thrown to the ground and face the rage of her attacker, police in NewYork was forced to intervene, both to protect his star striker, who could have beenseverely punished by the fans of Justin .. .
Justin Bieber et ses fans pour le lancement de son parfum à New York

Although it has been shaken, the young singer was quickly recovered from the shock to reach inside the store and the fans who had traveled to see him.

Smiling and relaxed, Bieber assured the show ...

A real star ...
Jennifer Aniston will appear with her new baby :

Jennifer Aniston s'affiche avec son nouveau chéri

Jennifer Aniston is trying pathetically to leave celibacy ...

While some stars prefer to wait to be seen with their new baby, Jennifer Aniston, in agony emotionally speaking, does not leave time for the interrested to ask questionsbefore you show off.

The quarantine, perhaps tired of being dumped does not even allows itself a fewminutes of reflection before presenting Justin Theroux, her new boyfriend to the entire planet.

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This time it's the poor that the trap Justin Theroux Aniston, yet voted the hottest womanof the decade just closed ...

Not content to have moved in with him after several weeks of romance, Jen takes hisnew companion as it did once with his dog Norman.

U.S. actor discovered in the series Spin City and Sex in the City is all outputs and all the flashes, to believe that the exposing, Jennifer Aniston wants to shout to the world:

"Look, I'm not single!"

Lindsay Lohan on the loose!
Lindsay Lohan en liberté !

Lindsay Lohan has just been released from American justice. It plans a big party to celebrate that!

There is little sentenced to four months suspended sentence and 480 hours of community service that goes on in a morgue in Los Angeles, Lindsay Lohan will finallyfind freedom!

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