Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Lady Gaga fan of Versace :
Lady Gaga, fan mode, swears by its creators favorites. Alongside Thierry Mugler, the young woman has just announced a unique collaboration with Versace. For two months, Gaga will dip into the archives of the claw nineties.
It is unclear whether Gaga is unfaithful or insatiable, one thing is certain, impossible for a single creative mode to satisfy the appetite of the singer. Lady G, who has multiplied his appearances in Paris all last week, is remembered especially for his performance while hair on a TV tray, a hit right now with his hit The Edge of Glory, it has to reveal the clip A clip in which Lady Gaga wiggles in New York streets, or on fire escapes, parading in different outfits Versace stamped 1990s. 
Of 100% vintage looks, to the delight of Donatella Versace, a fan of the monster mother.
For now that does not adhere to the creative process of the Miss New futuristic wigs so crazy horse? Donatella Versace, in any case, swears by the touch of madness Gaga, confessing his love for the young woman. Since the tragic death of her brother Gianni in 1997, is the first time that the heir to Versace opens its archives: "I am very honored that Lady Gaga has chosen to wear Versace Vintage look in his video The Edge of Glory. I am a big fan and I think my brother Gianni would have appreciated his talent. Like him, Lady Gaga is not afraid to push the boundaries and created an unusual vocabulary, mixing fashion, music, theater and Art. I think this video is a great tribute to all those who are not afraid to seize their chance. "A video that formalizes an unprecedented collaboration between the fashion house and the singer, since Gaga promised to wear only the Versace during the next two months.Hoping Donatella has sufficient resources to satisfy the fashion ogre Gaga ...
Alyssa Campanella: The new Miss USA :
The United States elected their new Miss USA. This is the prettiest girl in California, responding to the sweet name of Alyssa Campanella, who was crowned Sunday, June 20, and then compete at this year's Miss Universe title.

From its 21 years, the beautiful Miss California 2011, Alyssa Campanella, has beencrowned Miss USA. The fine was elected Sunday, June 19, during a ceremony in LasVegas. The pretty brunette from Los Angeles was considered as the most beautifulMiss 52 who marched last night. Having exhibited his dream figure in a blue bikini with white dots, then in a turquoise evening gown, the beautiful had to answer a question not easy before being sacred.

Alyssa Campanella was asked about the legalization of cannabis! A more complicated question than that posed to our Miss French, who must be content to pray for peace in the world! "I understand why this issue arises, she said, especially given the current economic situation, and I understand that marijuana can be very important to help thosein need legally." However, "I'm not sure if it was legalized, it would have a real impact in the fight against drugs" said the young woman. Remember that marijuana is almost fifteen years since California approved for medical use.
While she succeeds Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010, Alyssa Campanella already know the joys of the coronation. As a teenager, she was crowned Miss Teen USA. The beautifulassists from the age of fifteen years, pushed by her mother, she said. And the competition is not over since it must now prepare for the Miss Universe pageant. It hasall summer to do so, for in September will host the ceremony.

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  1. Lady Gaga, Versace post: Why do you keep referring to Lady Gaga as 'he'?? She's a female?