Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Blue Hair dye, Necklace, Flag and Lion ( SS only!)

• If you live in Finland, log in and click HERE for the Hair Dye, Necklace and Flag
• If your a Superstar click HERE for the lion

1. If your not from Finland you will need to use a manual proxy such as: port 80 or Port: 8080 
3. Log in
4. Paste: for Hair Dye,Necklace and Flag
5. Turn off your manual proxy

Each time you go to a different link make sure that the 'finish' is changed back to 'view' in your url bar. If you don't wait long enough for that to happen you won't get the free item.
^ Credit to: Underneath Stardoll ^

Don't know how to set up a manual proxy? Click HERE

dbc202 | Vanessa

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