Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gossip news

Death of Michael Jackson: Dr. Murray has celebrated it!
The sulfur Murray, charged with manslaughter following the death ofMichael Jackson, was at a party on the anniversary of two years ofthe death of the King of Pop ...

Charged with manslaughter, Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, continues to assert his innocence.

Bambi is dead, to reiterate, from an overdose of Profopol,extremely powerful drug that only the doctor could prescribe. The doctor is the main target of the family and fans of the late King of Pop.

This weekend, it had been two years since Michael Jackson has died. One would think that given his position, Dr. Murray wouldkeep a low profile, would be discreet ...
Mort de Michael Jackson : Le Dr Murray a bien fêté ça !

Ugly Betty got married!
The young actress who played America Ferrera Ugly Betty in the series of the same name, has finally married her friend Ryan PiersWilliams.

America Ferrera, 27, aka Ugly Betty, married him longtime companion and film producer, Ryan Piers Williams.

Together since college, the two lovebirds live a perfect love and flawless.

After their engagement in 2010, America Ferrera and Ryan PiersWilliams have set their wedding date and discreet, to June 27, 2011.

Honduras was the young actress for the occasion a beautiful white dress Amsale signed by Christos, accompanied by beautiful Fred Leighton jewelry.
Ugly Betty s'est mariée !

Dress-ups & Games Update

 Stardoll has added a change to the dress-ups & games page:

Thanx to maddy65


Pet-à-Porter dogs are grown up , you can see them in the picture below !

 I like them when they was small !!!

What about you ? 
Do you like them small or big ??


Hello sweet readers ;

the new miss sixty collection is now out in starplaza : here are the floors :

(credit stardoll's most wanted pics) 

here are some real versions :
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are

What do you think about the new collection ?? 
I really Love it !!

Introduce myself!

Hey Ladies"Stardoll Fahionista's

Looking at the titel i am her to introduce myself as your new make up artist .

Hope you will be following my post's
and Loving it .

you will soon be seeing my first post!!

xxx Nadine86 SD Make-over artist.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Blog changes !! New layout !

You probably saw the New blog backround !!
We have a new blog banner : 

And A new music playlist !

=====> inspiration for summer !!

Summer theme !!

What do you think about that ??

Alice + Olivia tribute store

I love this shop ,it's pretty awsome ( my opinion ) What about you ??

Here are Some RL versions :

Do You like them ??

Music news

Heyy again ;

The new official music video of Selena Gomez " i love you like a love song "

Gwen Stefani has few female friends.

The No Doubt singer - who has sons Kingston, five, and two-year-old Zuma with husband Gavin Rossdale - is constantly surrounded by men and admits she struggles to find the time to keep up with the friendships she does have.

She said: "I'm surrounded by men. It's really weird, I don't know how it happened. I don't think about it a lot but I do notice it when the only girlfriends I've ever really had are the girlfriends of the guys in the band.


Madonna to get comic book biography

The highs and lows of the 52-year-old singer's phenomenal career - which has spanned almost 30 years - will be encapsulated in a 32-page graphic novel produced by publishers Bluewater Productions Inc. as part of their 'Female
Force' series, which has previously featured the likes of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin and Barbara Walters.

Jason Schultz, executive vice president of Bluewater, said: "Our goal is to show the little-known events and influences that resulted in Madonna becoming the phenomenon she remains to this day, more than a quarter-century after she burst upon the scene.

Rihanna sued by second photographer

The Barbadian singer was first handed a lawsuit over the raunchy video by fashion photographer David LaChappelle who alleges "the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works".

Now a second photographer, Paris based Philipp Paulus, has joined him with a second copyright infringement suit, saying his images were recreated without permission for the bondage themed video for 'S&M'.

He singles out a particular shot of his own where a model in a billowy gown is trapped against a wall by a sheet of plastic, surrounded by large X symbols made from black tape, which is very similar to how Rihanna is presented in part of her video.

New Superstar doll !!

Tooday we have a chinese doll !! a football player .
and it's Sun wen !
 want to dress up her click here !

About her :

Sun Wen : "L'Asie peut briller en Allemagne"
born April 6, 1973 in Shanghai, is a former football player moving to midfield. It wasChinese International.
She made ​​her first appearance in national team at only 17 years. Top scorer of the1999 World Cup with seven goals, she became the first Asian footballer to be namedbest football on the continent. Between 2001 and 2003 she played in Atlanta Beat (WUSA). After two years of absence in selection, it is back as a team from China inDecember 2005. She stayed there until victory Championship Asian nations in 2006, before retiring from racing because of too many injuries.
In 2001 and 2002, FIFA named the third best player in the world.

gossip news !!

Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket auctioned
A jacket cult part for 1.8 million
Michael Jackson: son blouson de Thriller vendu aux enchères

The famous red and black jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the video for Thriller has been auctioned for $ 1.8 million.

Two years after his death, Michael Jackson is still much recipe. While his albumscontinue to sell in quantities surprisingly high for a missing, Sunday is one of his jackets, which broke records at an auction held in Beverly Hills. Attention, not just any! These arethe red and black as the King of Pop was in the famous clip Thriller. A video entry in the legend to become a cult song, taken from an album that remains one of those who hasthe world's best selling in the history of the disc.

Eva Longoria: still in love with Tony Parker?
While Tony Parker spins the perfect love with the lovely Miss Barbara National Morel, Eva Longoria would be terribly jealous. Yet the sexiest Desperate Housewives coos for months with Eduardo Cruz. But the little brother of Penelope Cruz was merely a hobby for the one they say anything to regain basketball.

Penelope Cruz she had reason to be wary of Eva Longoria and intentions vis-à-vis his little brother? For several months the star flirts with Eduardo, but if we are to believe the magazine audience, it is not at all in love with the young man ... Eva would actually beterribly jealous of Barbara Morel, the lovely Miss National Genevieve de Fontenay, cooswith which Tony Parker! As feared by Penelope Cruz, star of Desperate Housewivescontemplates nothing serious with Eduardo. It only takes a good time ...
The first photo of the daughter of Mariah Carey
La première photo de la fille de Mariah Carey

Proud mother of twins since 30 April, Mariah Carey has not agreed to sell pictures ofher first children's magazines. By cons, it comes to surprise her fans by posting a photo of Monroe, the daughter of the singer about her Twitter.

July Hotbuys

Hey Guys ! 

Here are the july Hotbuys :

I like this month Theme !
I love the purple dress !

What about You (tell us in comments )


1. 3rd July - Hotbuys Belt
2. 6th July - Hotbuys Pleated Dress
3. 8th July - Hotbuys Lipstick Earrings
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10. 28th July - Hotbuys Jacket

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stardoll make up tutorials

Hey Sweet readers ;

tooday i found thoose make up tutorials on YouTube :


Free Womans WorldCup Clutch and Bag

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New feauture - changing password

read this before changing your password :

And mette.stardoll said this :

So Stardoll can put your account into a "quarantine" mode.
What do you think of this?


I like them when they was young !

What about you ?

Okay ! I really need Your Help

I'm Running For NCG can You Please Vote me tooday

By clicking Here 

Summer inspired nails

Heyy !!

Tooday i made this :

Summer Inspired nails

There is alot of colours !! Summer colors !!

What do You think about this ?

You can make it if you are Superstar !!