Monday, June 27, 2011

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Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket auctioned
A jacket cult part for 1.8 million
Michael Jackson: son blouson de Thriller vendu aux enchères

The famous red and black jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the video for Thriller has been auctioned for $ 1.8 million.

Two years after his death, Michael Jackson is still much recipe. While his albumscontinue to sell in quantities surprisingly high for a missing, Sunday is one of his jackets, which broke records at an auction held in Beverly Hills. Attention, not just any! These arethe red and black as the King of Pop was in the famous clip Thriller. A video entry in the legend to become a cult song, taken from an album that remains one of those who hasthe world's best selling in the history of the disc.

Eva Longoria: still in love with Tony Parker?
While Tony Parker spins the perfect love with the lovely Miss Barbara National Morel, Eva Longoria would be terribly jealous. Yet the sexiest Desperate Housewives coos for months with Eduardo Cruz. But the little brother of Penelope Cruz was merely a hobby for the one they say anything to regain basketball.

Penelope Cruz she had reason to be wary of Eva Longoria and intentions vis-à-vis his little brother? For several months the star flirts with Eduardo, but if we are to believe the magazine audience, it is not at all in love with the young man ... Eva would actually beterribly jealous of Barbara Morel, the lovely Miss National Genevieve de Fontenay, cooswith which Tony Parker! As feared by Penelope Cruz, star of Desperate Housewivescontemplates nothing serious with Eduardo. It only takes a good time ...
The first photo of the daughter of Mariah Carey
La première photo de la fille de Mariah Carey

Proud mother of twins since 30 April, Mariah Carey has not agreed to sell pictures ofher first children's magazines. By cons, it comes to surprise her fans by posting a photo of Monroe, the daughter of the singer about her Twitter.

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