Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Lady GaGa has become bald!

Lady Gaga chauve sur scène (Vidéo)

Lady Gaga is a regular wild hairstyles and colorful wigs. However, for the issue PaulO'Grady Show, the young woman sang without a single hair on his head. The piano, putthe wig on his instrument, Lady Gaga was a good reason to sing bald: his song was none other than Hair 

Of course, Lady Gaga has not really separated from her hair, as shown by the shape ofhis skull. Nevertheless, the young woman assured a spectacular performance, as usual.The flames on the stage and the sunglasses on his face were part of the show shifted.

Selena Gomez: A patient because of the candy!

Selena Gomez was hospitalized last week. Today we know the real reasons for his discomfort and not malnutrition!
Selena Gomez explained his health problems a few days ago after being hospitalizedlast week for vomiting and headaches. Selena Gomez is very busy right now, from his new album, shooting videos and her boyfriend Justin Bieber is a minute of it. But SelenaGomez has not said it all! Malnutrition was the cause but it is nothing! In an interview on the website Kidd Kraddick, Selena Gomez has revealed the true nature of its problems: it eats food of poor quality. And what is meant by bad food is very sweet food typecandy. Selena Gomez added: "I like M & Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers." Thankfully Selena Gomez is still friendly with his fans!

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