Monday, September 12, 2011

Hotbuys cheetah cardigan released !!

I just saw that we have a new HotBuys !! x)
it costes 18 stardollars and is from RIO !

New PPQ !

Stardoll realesed some New PPQ items Tooday :D

New Nails Laquers

 Hellow stardolls ;

Stardoll created new Nail Laquers for The Miss Stardoll World Competition !

Do you Like It ?? Tell Me In Comments ;D

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hotbuys top released!

yesterday the HB top has been released !

And it's from Fudge and costes 17 stardollars !
i Think it's expensive and not too much special !

What about You ?
Will you Buy it ?

New Superstar Doll (Julianna Guill)

Hello Fashionistas :D

Hope that everyone is Fine ;)
Tooday we have a new superstar doll and it's :

Julianna Guill
(Click Here)to dress up her 

About Her :
Julianna Guill (born July 7, 1987) is an American actress. She best known for role as Bree in  Friday the 13th and Scarlet Haukkson in the webisodeseries My Alibi. She also co-starred in the TBS series Glory Daze as Christie.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some Music :D

Hello Guys :D

I just found this new song of :

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Called :

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Here is it ;) 

Hope that you will Love it :D

Clubs Still down

As you saw the clubs are still closed! It's been 36 hours they are closed! I think that's strange! ¨ For my part I think stardoll is Boring without clubs! I spend most of my time"Fashionclub" others go to the "MSW" or "OriginalClub!"

What do you think?
What are you doing on stardoll without clubs?

Hello Guys !

Hello Guys :D

As you saw we started doing a big makeover to the blog :D
We will soon have a new Banner Made By FashionistaT...

Anyways i wanna ask you hwo do we Do this :

That thing that we can be in the home page etc...

Please tell me in comments :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hot Buys Bead Necklace

Tooday we have a new HotBuys and it's a necklace :D

It costes 10 stardollars ans Superstar Only :D

Real life version from Toyshop :

Credit: sdhotbuysaddicted

New Archive ! :D

Hello Fashionistas ;

Maybe you don't know we have a new archive ! :D 
Here are pictures of the floors and cloths :D

There is also glitch with this dress:

It should be Fudge dress, but stardoll has named it as Antidote dress. It costs 16 stardollars 


Hey guys so sorry you havent heard alot from me but i had a mix up with my email . Anyway today i am going to show you are really cute make up look and an outfit to go with it ! so here is the look !

Please comment and tell me what you think !!

Neww Superstar doll !

Jakub Władysław Wojewódzki known as Kuba Wojewódzki born 2 August 1963 in KoszalinPoland  is a Polish journalistTV personalitydrummer, and comedian
Wojewódzki was a judge on the Polish Idol. He also was the Polish representative on the World Idol on 25 December 2003. In the 1980s, he was a member of punk bands called System and New Dada. Currently, he is a drummer in the band called Klatu.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hotbuys Roar tee released!

Hotbuys roar tee is released. It costs 15 stardollars and it seems right price. I think it looks cool. You can find it from Stardoll girls store.
Real version by Topshop: