Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gossip news

Death of Michael Jackson: Dr. Murray has celebrated it!
The sulfur Murray, charged with manslaughter following the death ofMichael Jackson, was at a party on the anniversary of two years ofthe death of the King of Pop ...

Charged with manslaughter, Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, continues to assert his innocence.

Bambi is dead, to reiterate, from an overdose of Profopol,extremely powerful drug that only the doctor could prescribe. The doctor is the main target of the family and fans of the late King of Pop.

This weekend, it had been two years since Michael Jackson has died. One would think that given his position, Dr. Murray wouldkeep a low profile, would be discreet ...
Mort de Michael Jackson : Le Dr Murray a bien fêté ça !

Ugly Betty got married!
The young actress who played America Ferrera Ugly Betty in the series of the same name, has finally married her friend Ryan PiersWilliams.

America Ferrera, 27, aka Ugly Betty, married him longtime companion and film producer, Ryan Piers Williams.

Together since college, the two lovebirds live a perfect love and flawless.

After their engagement in 2010, America Ferrera and Ryan PiersWilliams have set their wedding date and discreet, to June 27, 2011.

Honduras was the young actress for the occasion a beautiful white dress Amsale signed by Christos, accompanied by beautiful Fred Leighton jewelry.
Ugly Betty s'est mariée !

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