Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gossip news :)

Willow smith a fashionista ?

In Hollywood, you can not stop looking at the style of the child stars!

After Suri Cruise, it's time to Willow Smith to become a fashion icon. At just 13, the daughter of Will Smith taste as good as Mom and Dad! Even better, she already has her own style!

Thus, its colorful and sassy look at Tilt in the eye of Derek Lam and was chosen to be in the next Vogue Magazine. In addition, Willow is surrounded by major figures likeMichelle Obama or Gisele Bundchen, after the editors of Vogue had asked designers to choose their mode icons!

13 years old and sacred fashion icon by Vogue, all is well in the brave new world to miss Smith ....

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake: Together again!

after what I see in magazines and blogs that it parrait Jessica Biel and Justin aretogether again! what do you think? Some one saw them toogether in NEW YORK last week !!


  1. Willow Smith is 10, Not 13 (:

  2. Hey! You asked me to follow this i did!
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