Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gossip news :D

Britney Spears holding a double celebration for 30 years!

Britney Spears organise une double fête pour ses 30 ans !

Britney Spears will celebrate her 30th anniversary in the joy and good humor. In the process, she will celebrate her engagement. Too much class.

It will be madness in Britney Spears on December 2!

The singer, who will celebrate this day its thirtieth anniversary will also take the opportunity to celebrate her engagement to Jason Trawick, her current boyfriend.

A double celebration that would make noise.

Thirty years, the age of a new life for that which is currently a hit with her new albumFemme Fatale.

In fact, she and her new boyfriend talked a lot about the future lately and a wedding is in sight.

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