Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gossip news :D

Hello sweat readers !!

Tooday we have awsome gossip news :

Lady Gaga made in Taïwan

Lady Gaga was a huge success during her visit to Taiwan. She gave a concert before thousands of spectators gave her a home which she did not expect.

Not a country, a territory not escape the phenomenon Lady Gaga. After conquering Europe and the United States, the pop star attacks the Asian market. The promotion of her album Born This Way took her this weekend in Taiwan where she received awelcome that she did not expect.

Lady Gaga made in Taïwan

Barack Obama is dead (on Twitter)
Barack Obama est mort (sur Twitter)

Twitter Fox News has been hacked and announced the death of Barack Obama. Thehacker is being sought.

Twitter is definitely the place of wild rumors!

One month after the announcement of Tupac Resurrection, it's time for Barack Obama,current president of the United States, becoming a victim of the social network thatchirps.

Sunday night, Twitter users subscribers account the Fox News were surprised to discover a dozen or so posts announcing the death of the president, shot twice in the output of a restaurant in Iowa. Messages stamped "breaking news" that had the appearance of official information.

But then, you and you will doubt that these messages come from a hacker who wanted to make a bad joke at the conservative American chain.

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