Friday, August 12, 2011

New Writer In The House! ;Style Sessions

What's up lovely readers? My name is Deckonti, better known as Countrygurl102 and I am the newest writer to grace this wonderful blog. I'm sweet sixteen and hail from the infamous New Jersey. I've been on Stardoll since I was 11 and have proudly watched the site develop into something nobody saw coming, a success! I am the proud owner of JuniorModels which is currently in it's 7th Cycle and DollyNetwork; the next project to take Stardoll by storm! My hobbies include acting, dancing, singing, reading, fashion, and cheerleading. My purpose here is to bring you the latest style & fashion for you. Not your medoll but you! Let's face it, your medolls aren't going back to school, going on dates, or the latest parties. That's why I'm here to give you the latest trends and insider tips from one stylish chick to another.

Back to School with Class:
Unfortunately, summer seems like just a thing of the past when you see back to school ads. Don't look at going back to school as torture, instead think of it as a chance to update your wardrobe with the latest fall trends, (plus, a great excuse to go shopping!)

Posh Prep: 
Thanks to Gossip Girl and style maven Blair Waldorf, Preppy is definitely the way to go. Dress to impress with these classy styles

Rebel With A Cause: 
Let your inner rocker soar with these grunge outfits

Pretty in Pastel: Look like a natural beauty with these cute & flirty looks

Sporty Chic: "Ready,Set,Hut!" Take charge of the field with these stylish and athletic pieces

Earth,Wind, & Fire: Let nature be your inspirations with these relaxing boho vibes

Any ideas or theme you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments please(:


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