Monday, January 24, 2011

new ss dolls


new sperstar dolls in stardoll!!

what do you think about it !
i dont love thoose girls.


                                                   they are beautiful in real not in stardoll
                                                           i never saw them in real life

K3 is a Flemish/Dutch girl band with a Dutch repertoire, mainly aimed at pre-adolescent children. The name of the group is derived from the names of the three original members: Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts. Their music is produced by production company Studio 100 and is written by Miguel Wiels, Alain Vande Putte and Peter Gillis. K3 was founded by Niels William.

                             what do you think about them?
                            did you saw them before?

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