Monday, January 17, 2011

♥ Make-Up ♥

Today I'm Going To Show You How To Do My Personal Make-Up.

Step 1:

You Get The Lightest Eye Shadow/Stick You Have (Not White Though) And Put It All Over. Be Careful Not To Get It Above The Eyebrow Or Below The Actual Eye.

Step 2:

You Apply Both Stick Eyeliners (Black & White) You Put Whit At The Inner Corners And Black At The Outer.

Step 3:

Add You LUXE (What Ever Colour Preferred) And Apply It 3/4 Of The Way Up Your Eyes And Then Take It Downwards Towards The Eye Ball.

Step 4:

Apply Your DOT Lipstick (Magneta Preferred) And Then Apply Your Plain LUXE Gloss Over The Top.

Step 5:

Next You Add Your Blush (Light Coloured.) If You Find It Hard Because You Can't See The Blusher Change Your Skin Tone Slightly Darker So You Can See It (If You Do This Remember To Change It Back To Your Original Tone).

Final Step:

Hope You Use It And Edit It :)

- xxImmiixx | Imogen (:

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